Here are THREE distinct seperate and very achievable streams of income that ANYONE can be taught to do

Requirements are... being coachable consumers or business owners who are objective and willing to learn.

Entrepreneurial mindset encouraged.  


This is your main source of income. It could be a job, a business, or Government assistance. It's what you rely on the pay the bills. Everyone has one.  If you don't please contact ME.  

Semi Active business tool - (Residual) Income

Imagine using an automated system to generate targeted leads for your business.  Its a system that doesn't cost it pays!

AND it can pay you affilate commisions simply by sharing it.

I know of three OTHER such opporunities. MY best example is Starting your own simple home based business with

Get your own highly profitable vitamin/supplement store for FREE

    • -Simple, highly consumable, quality products..that we buy anyway.

    -From a trusted source with highly transparent ownership.

    -No sign up cost. Free website. Simply shift your purchasing. @  $25 monthly.

    -Simple 5x5 compensation matrix that pays the same on all level 6-12% (diff. By product)

    Spillover can be expected

watch the 4 minute video

Multiple Streams of PASSIVE Income...$$$

This is what most people want but few figure out how to achieve.  There are actually 25 passive income methods that I know of, most of which require large investment, expertise, or time to impement. The solution is CryptoCurrency and you guessed it, the education, support, and means to acheive this is available through Profit Servant  and where you can join for free and have access to 5 highly sustainable passive income opps.  All qualify via our exclusive 7 levels of sustainability.

  1. Must have a 3 year track record OR successful Billion $$$ backing of 5 years
  2. Must have owner transparency
  3. Must have high Data security & $$$ security, so both our money and data is safe
  4. Company MUST pay out of profits, that is the exact opposite of a Ponzi
  5. Sponsoring is NOT required to earn, YET has a lucrative affiliate program available
  6. Having full access to your capital
  7. Legitimacy by track record, experience, or simply being their own blockchain